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An Introduction to Equality of Opportunity

Freedom and equality are foundational values that we draw upon when envisioning a better society. Equality of opportunity is a social ideal that combines concern with freedom as opportunity and equality, and this social ideal provides a vision of how we ought to live together.

Section 1: The General Idea of Equality of Opportunity

Johan Hansson (CC BY)

This section introduces the general concept of equality of opportunity and contrasts it with an alternative principle, equality of outcome.

Section 2: Debates about Equality of Opportunity

This section surveys some of the most influential conceptions of equality of opportunity and some of the key debates about them.

Section 3: Applications to Education

Alex Starr (CC BY-SA)

This section summarizes some of the major debates around the application of conceptions of equality of opportunity to educational institutions and educational policy.

Section 4: Lawsuits about Education and Equality

DB King (CC BY)

This section provides a thematically organized list of landmark legal cases in the US relevant to realizing equality of opportunity in education, with links to the decisions.